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作为一个更大团队的一部分,Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc .. (PECI), designed the biofiltration odor control systems for a new 330 MGD screenings and influent pump station. As part of the project, 电梯站需要气味控制设施, screen channels,  and influent junction box. PECI evaluated the proposed design and determined that an organic media biofilter capable of treating 36,900 cfm would be required. 该气流经过仔细测定,以包括进水区域的捕获速度, screening channels, effluent junction, wetwell, 在设备的上游有一个大的接线盒. To provide ease of maintenance the biofilter was constructed with a manufactured plenum system that can be driven on with construction equipment when the organic media needs to be changed. 

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PECI由刘易斯维尔市保留, Texas to conduct emissions testing and dispersion modeling for prediction of off-site odor impact from major process units at its wastewater treatment plant. The treatment processes found to cause the greatest off-site odor impact include the influent splitter boxes, 细筛和曝气砂池. PECI为工厂的气味控制和其他改善提供设计服务. 污浊的空气从流入分离器箱, 细筛和砂砾去除池由一个生物洗涤器组合处理. 通过增加双清洗机/压实机系统,简化了筛分处理. 除砂系统由曝气式除砂池改造为旋涡式除砂池. 这个项目花了3美元就完成了.2 million.

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PECI评估了40 MGD污水处理厂的气味来源并对其进行了优先排序. 评估包括广泛的排放抽样, 气味分散模型和化学气味控制试点研究. The plant’s influent and sludge holding tanks were identified as the most cost effective process units to target for initial odor control efforts. PECI为这两个地区设计了气味消减改进. The construction project also included identified improvements for reducing aeration system pressures, 使处理列车的能耗降低了大约50%.



PECI was retained to evaluate and design improvements for remediation of corrosion on clarifier equipment in four covered 135 foot diameter primary clarifiers in a regional wastewater treatment plant. 浮渣滩、中心井、污泥收集器和混凝土得到了广泛的修复. 腐蚀使某些地方的钢筋暴露出来, 在涂装前需要更换钢筋和修复混凝土.

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PECI协助一个更大的顾问团队设计一个新的, 最先进的污水处理设施,为快速发展的德克萨斯州中部城市服务. PECI modeled odor dispersion from the plant’s major process units and assisted with selection of odor control improvements. PECI personnel participated in a public meeting at the site and assisted in developing odor-related language for incorporation into an agreement with nearby landowners, 使正式许可的抗议活动得以撤销. PECI设计了一个有机培养基生物过滤器, ductwork, and a foul air collection system to serve the plant’s headworks structure and dewatering building.

Grapevine WWTP.PNG

Odor Control Master Plan

PECI是另一家公司的分包顾问, played a lead role in assessing and prioritizing odor sources at a 4 MGD wastewater treatment plant. The city commissioned this evaluation as a proactive step in addressing extensive residential development in areas immediately adjacent to the facility. 该评估确定了工厂的头厂设施, sludge holding tanks, and sludge drying beds as the most cost effective process units to target for initial odor control efforts. 评价包括培训城市人员进行场外气味监测和评估, 其中包括制定供市政工作人员使用的投诉响应协议.


PECI为众多客户制定了防异味计划. These plans are sometimes required due to State setback requirements; some have been a result of enforcement action stemming from nuisance odors. PECI为一家食品加工工厂准备了有害气味计划, 隔油池废物处理设施, 并用于众多的生活污水处理厂.


PECI was retained  to conduct dispersion modeling and to recommend and design specific odor abatement improvements for this 4.5 MGD plant near Dallas, Texas. PECI模拟了几种不同的分散和改进方案. 气味控制改进的设计包括一个完整的覆盖在工厂的主要澄清器, 对工厂主升降机站的盖和排气进行改进, 并增加了一个生物洗涤器来处理污浊的空气.

Wichita Falls Bioscrubber & Carbon Polis


PECI was retained by the City of Wichita Falls to perform and odor source assessment and to develop an odor control master plan for the City’s 19.MGD河路5号污水处理厂. PECI协助设计了第一阶段的气味消减改进, 其中包括初级澄清堰盖, junction structure covers, corrosion repairs and a 7,500cfm污浊空气收集系统.

Granbury WWTP.PNG


PECI served as a subconsultant playing a lead role in assessing and prioritizing odor sources at a 3 MGD wastewater treatment plant in north Texas. The City commissioned this evaluation as a proactive step in addressing extensive lakefront residential development in areas immediately adjacent to the facility. This evaluation identifies the plant’s grit/grease structure and influent lift stations as the most cost effective process units to target for initial odor control efforts. PECI设计了这两个区域的气味消减改进, 包括升级工厂现有电梯站的气味控制系统和一个新的1,000 CFM系统服务于工厂的新车头工艺.


Biosolids Odor Evaluation

PECI was retained  to assist with an evaluation of the impacts from a number of processes and activities on odor generation potential from the biosolids produced by a 150 MGD Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). 该市希望主动解决偏远有益使用地点的气味问题. 该项目旨在确定稳定化过程中的管理方案, dewatering, storage and transportation process to enable the City and/or its biosolids handling contractor to minimize odor emissions at the beneficial use sites.

The evaluation used simplified test methodologies to assess the impact of certain key processes and factors on odor production potential within the dewatered product. The test methodologies were developed to provide guidance with respect to the management options most likely to practically reduce dewatered biosolids odors.

The proposed test protocol addressed the following parameters related to biosolids odor production, 有与每个相关的具体测试的:

  • Impact of co-digestion

  • Impact of lime

  • 储存、持有和运输做法的影响

  • 聚合物剂量的影响

  • 水厂残留物的影响

Odor Dispersion Model2_edited.jpg

Odor Control System Replacement

PECI assisted a major regional system operator with replacement of two chemical scrubber systems using manufactured bioscrubbers at the owner's  largest wastewater treatment plant.  The new equipment yielded yielded a chemical cost savings resulting in a three to four year return on investment. PECI previously assisted with a major corrosion repair initiative for the plant’s four 135-foot primary clarifiers.


PECI开发了一个气味分散模型来说明强度, frequency, 以及处理设施产生的有害气味的空间范围. Both existing conditions and anticipated future conditions with the new primary clarifier bioscrubbers were modeled.

PECI has since assisted with design of multiple additional odor control improvements at this facility. 


Odor Control System Replacement

PECI supported a nationally-recognized firm with design of odor abatement features for expansion of this plant to 10 MGD. 这家工厂独特地坐落在旧金山, Texas, with well over 1,000个现有的和计划中的单户住宅,距离治疗单位不到半英里. PECI's design included a 4,200 cfm bioscrubber and tank covers for the plant’s existing primary clarifier and sludge holding tank, a 16,000 cfm bioscrubber, 覆盖和管道系统服务于一个新的头部结构和主要澄清器, a 2,400 CFM碳吸附剂,用于次要气味源, a 71,500cfm填料塔洗涤系统,用于工厂的脱水建筑, and a 4,200cfm生物洗涤器服务于工厂的进水提升站. 建筑工程于2020年完工. Odor abatement improvements designed by PECI are estimated at approximately $7 million and were placed in service in 2020.

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